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Our Technologies


Our performance platforms enable us to deliver safety characteristics providing solutions to cut, thermal, liquids and grip. These technologies can be used individually or collectively to provide you the correct solution whilst maintaining our commitment to value for money.

An example of this is the combination of GripTech® with CutTech®. This combination stems from seeing, questioning, discussing and understanding your needs at the workstation. It's all too easy to follow the classical route of providing cut resistance through the bulking of technical fibres.

Numerous times these solutions are used to provide an answer to the effect rather than the cause, the cause frequently being the appropriate level of grip. Quite simply if he doesn't slip then it stays safe which is why at ATG® we frequently focus on grip technology (GripTech®) prior to combining it with CutTech®.

Through the use of the appropriate level of grip we are able to provide you thinner, flexible, more dexterous and breathable gloves that offer you the protection you need to get the job done.