ATG LANKA (Pvt) Ltd (Advanced Technology Gloves)

Our Technology Platforms - Comfort


You know so well that worker acceptance is fundamental when choosing gloves. That is why we have developed two technology platforms that ensure your workers buy-in to the gloves you select from ATG®. Our comfort technology platforms are known as AirTech® and ErgoTech®.

AirTech®, which enables 360° breathability of the hand, is delivered through our patented foam technology. When you see the AirTech® logo you can be sure that the maximum level of breathability is offered.

ErgoTech® focuses on offering the maximum level of flexibility and dexterity. ErgoTech® can be delivered through a number of means such as unique/novel technical fibres or ergonomic hand shapes used in our production process which take the natural hand autonomy.

We even go as far as understanding your hand temperature within gloves which we use to ensure our compounds benefit from the heat generated by your hand enabling our gloves take a more natural ergonomic shape, following the contours of your hand – reducing stress points and hand fatigue – making our gloves a second skin.

Next time you wear MaxiFlex® just look at the joint lines in your palm area after one hour of having the glove on your hand and you'll understand why ErgoTech® from ATG® needs to be in your glove of choice.