PBI Performance Products, Inc.

PBI® TriGuard™ for Heat Protective Workwear - a new product

PBI is now commercializing in Europe the newly engineered fabric PBI® TriGuard™ - an innovative combination of 20% PBI® , 28% Lenzing FR®, 50% Twaron® Microfiber and 2% Antistatic fiber.
This fabric with a weight of 170 g/m2 or even lighter (in the USA only 150 g/m2) is a new development for ultimate heat, flame and arc flash protection where also high wear comfort and durability are required.
Applications for example are electrical utilities, refineries, chemical industry, oil rigs, USAR, police & military and other working areas with similar needs for safety at work.
Compared to the products that are available in the market this fabric stands out due to the unique combination of the following properties:
→ Unmatched thermal protection against heat, flame and especially arcflash. All test results including arcflash tests & manikin burn tests show its leading position compared to meta aramides, aramid blends and cotton FR. It does not burn, melt or shrink when exposed to heat and flames.
→ Very good durability, strength and long wear life. Important is also the unique breakopen resistance even under extreme conditions.
→ Outstanding wear comfort and functionality. Compared to 100% Aramide Fibers the combination of PBI®, Lenzing FR® and Twaron® Microfiber offer unique properties to the enduser. Functional protective clothing is taking advantages of the properties of different fibers in a blend. That means: One fiber part

absorbs the moisture from the body, transports it away and spreads it on a wide surface (PBI® and Lenzing FR®), allowing to evaporate due to the body heat. The second fiber part stayes dry and is responsible for the dry feeling onto the skin (Twaron® Microfiber). Additionally the low fabric weight and the Micro Fiber character of Twaron® supports the wear comfort. According to this remarkable properties, 100% Aramide garments can never be as functional and comfortable. The fabric remains soft and comfortable even after numerous machine wahings.

The combination of those three main features provided by PBI® TriGuard™ - Protection / Durability / Comfort - offers to the customer an unique protective workwear garment that meets by far the steadily growing demand and requirements for safety at work as well as for wear comfort. Especially for working places and areas with such high demands for safety accompanied by a desire and a need for very high wear comfort PBI® TriGuard™ provides the ideal and economical solution.