Eska & Dutka GesmbH & Co. KG

PLUS SERIES..Unparalleled Durability and Price

1 EXTENSIVE Reinforcement: The Plus Series offers a great deal of Palm and Finger coverage, specifically the General Utility Plus and the Carpenter Plus. Further, the PVC based Asphalt Reinforcement Material is a tough, tacky, and supple reinforcement. This makes the gloves more dexterous, more durable and provides a more secure grip even in wet conditions.

2 Cuff: All Plus Series gloves feature a FlexMesh™ cuff which is the most snug, supportive, protective, breathable and
comfortable cuff closing system on the market. No continual adjusting and readjusting is needed with this system.

3 Thumb Cut: AKA “English Thumb” – The most anatomically correct palm construction on the market prevents bunching between the thumb and index finger. The English Thumb
is a 3-Dimensional design.

4 Streamlined Knuckle Protection: Youngstown internalizes the knuckle protection on the back of hand. Youngstown’s internalized protection will NOT get “caught up” when reaching into a tool pouch or pocket, and provides great
protection for the knuckle.