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PSS BG 4: The innovative next step for proven closed-circuit breathing apparatus

The innovative next step for proven closed-circuit breathing apparatus

The advanced PSS BG 4 closed-circuit breathing apparatus from Dräger Safety (Lübeck) now additionally features the DrägerMan Bodyguard II electronic signal and warning unit. It also stands out through an improved carrying system, anti-vibration-strap and a transparent refillable soda lime cartridge.
The closed-circuit breathing apparatus provides the wearer with breathing air for up to four hours, thereby making him independent of low-oxygen or contaminated ambient air. The slight positive pressure in the breathing circuit protects the wearer by preventing contaminants from entering the breathing circuit.
The principle of the closed-circuit breathing apparatus is simple: the breathing air circulates in a closed breathing cycle, and the CO2 cartridge absorbs the carbon dioxide from the exhaled air. The breathing air is enriched with oxygen from an oxygen cylinder. Before the regenerated air is inhaled again it flows through a breathing air cooler.

Data from the DrägerMan Bodyguard II
The DrägerMan Bodyguard II monitoring system continually informs the wearer during throughout an operation about the cylinder pressure, time-to-whistle, temperature, operating time etc.
In addition, the DrägerMan Bodyguard II records all operational data and gives visual and audible warning signals. The actual data can be transmitted via an additional radio unit (telemetry) to the DrägerMan PSS Merlin control board.
The Anti-vibration-strap ensures a smooth transport on vehicles.
The improved, well padded shoulder straps and hip belt, the ergonomically shaped carrying shell and the low weight give a high degree of wearing comfort.
Through the transparent refill cartridge you can check at one glance whether your cartridge is filled and ready for use.
As before, the apparatus can be easily assembled and dismantled without special tools.
The PSS BG 4 is suitable for use by professional fire brigades, industrial fire brigades, in the mining industry and by supply and waste disposal companies.