Parliament adopts REACH - new EU chemicals legislation and new chemicals agency

Parliament adopted the compromise it negotiated with Council on the new
regulation for chemicals, REACH, which will oblige producers to register all
those chemical substances produced or imported above a total quantity of 1
tonne per year. Registration will affect about 30,000 substances. For more
hazardous substances, producers will have to submit a substitution plan to
replace them with safer alternatives.

When no alternative exists, producers will have to present a research plan
aimed at finding one. The compromise package agreed with the Council and tabled
by 4 political groups (EPP-ED, PES, ALDE and UEN), was approved with 529 in
favour, 98 against and 24 abstentions.

The regulation will enter into force progressively from June 2007, and the
registration process will take 11 years to be completed.  The calendar for
registration depends on the risk of the substance and the quantity produced.
All covered substances will have to be registered by 2018. REACH also creates a
new Chemicals Agency, to be based in Helsinki, which will be responsible for
the authorisation process.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work