Peli Products

Peli Rolls Out the 9435 as Its First Hazardous Location Approved Remote Area Lighting System

To give users a safer option in hazardous locations, Peli™ Products, announced today that their Advanced Area Lighting Group, has rolled out the 9435 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) as its first safety-approved LED area lighting system.

Built with versatility and safety in mind, the 9435 is a compact, 7,98 kg, portable area lighting system that boasts stringent approvals from ETL (Class 1, Div 2) CE and ATEX. It features a swiveling telescope mast (extends to nearly 1 meter), a 360 degree articulated light array and a wide area handle for easy gloved grip and transport.

The 9435’s next-generation LEDs and dual power mode (with water-proof switch) radiate 1,500 lumens in high and 750 in low. Powered by a maintenance-free rechargeable battery, the system offers up to 5 hours of peak brightness and takes 8 hours to be completely charged when fully expended.

With an extremely durable, water-resistant, polymer construction the 9435 is available in Orange.