Plan for the Simpler Life

The British HSE has published a draft simplification plan, marking HSC/E's
movement towards better regulation, reflecting its determination to 'develop
legislation that is easy to understand and comply with, to help secure stronger
commitment from business', its key themes include:

  • simplification for business to help them concentrate on improving outcomes
    rather than bureaucratic processes;
  • changing the culture, for example, through a campaign to tackle risk
  • challenging policy makers' case for taking a regulatory approach and ensuring
    they address the impact of proposals on small businesses;
  • simplifying existing legislation;
  • joined-up enforcement, including more effective partnership with local
    authorities to secure a consistent, targeted approach.

Comments are asked for in the following fields:

(1) Forms review

(2) Mergers with other regulators

(3) Sensible risk management

(4) Exploring alternatives to regulation

(5) Guidance

(6) Penalties

(7) Asbestos regulations

(8) Embedding principles of BR in policy development:

(9) Simplifying legislative proposals

(10) Why HSE staff visit business

(11) Local Authorities partnership

(12) Large Organisation Partnership Pilot

(13) HSE's approach to sensible enforcement ­ The Enforcement Programme

(14) HSE's approach to sensible enforcement ­ Targeting of inspection activities

(15) HSE's approach to sensible enforcement ­ Working with other regulators

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