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Police Performance Apparel With ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™

Lion Apparel, the world’s largest manufacturer of uniforms, service and special protective clothing is helping to shape the internationally recognized garment standards and is enlarging its product range of functional, high quality clothing with ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™. Faced to many different situations when in action, to a certain extent the quality and comfort properties of his clothing are affecting policeman´s daily life. Hence the increasing emphasis on fit, form and function has a major impact on the development of new and more stringent clothing for police officers. Police Uniform is an important part of a police´s everyday work. It is playing a key role in effectively completing their task during the day, and must therefore perform several functions in the most exceptional wearing condition. Founded in 1898 and dedicated to offering the maximum performance and quality to their clients, Lion Apparel continuously introduces a variety of fabric innovations to the workwear market, providing protection and comfort from head to toe. Their latest product launch features the technically advanced multi-functional ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ T-Shirts. Thanks to the use of ADVANSA engineered fibres in its composition, consisting of a unique fiber mix of hollow and multi-channel fibres, ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™works perfectly well in different range of external weather condition and the different activities of a police officer, providing superior evaporative cooling, designed to keep the policeman dry and cool when his body temperature increases, and outstanding thermobuffering properties helping to keep him warm when the temperature decreases. Through this unique combination, the garment attains maximum comfort and helps to thermoregulate the body temperature throughout all of the duty periods; the T-Shirt is exceptionally comfortable to wear, allowing great freedom of movement and meets the wishes and specifications of police officers.
Alex McAllister, Manager Technical Sales of Lion Apparel commented: “We are setting high standards in order to provide an optimal value on apparel while ensuring quality. Working in different environments and weather conditions demand special clothing for policemen that also offers functionality. Police officers will definitely appreciate the wearing comfort and performance of our latest range of T-Shirts with ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ that suits the needs of their daily work.”
“Combining comfort with multi-functionality, this is what Lion Apparel is offering with their newest range of T-Shirts with ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™; the garments achieve an outstanding performance at the highest level so that the wearer can hold up to strong physical performance or to tough conditions.” commented Jordi Lopez, Marketing Manager at ADVANSA.