Policy and Practice in Health and Safety

The British body for health and safety professionals IOSH has released a new
issue of its 'Policy and Practice in Health and Safety ' in both hard copy and
online formats.

The publication includes:

  • a study of the heightened risk of occupational violence among precariously
    employed adolescent workers

  • a fresh perspective on reducing the occupational impact of pesticide use in
    agriculture - 'regulation by stealth'

  • evidence that downsizing is not necessarily cost-effective: a Norwegian
    study of a state enterprise after a round of redundancies suggests that the
    staff who survive the change experience an increase in occupational health

  • a case study of the death of an offshore oil worker, highlighting the
    systemic organisational failures that contributed to the tragedy

  • a theoretical framework for evaluating workplace inspections which enables
    conclusions to be drawn about the relative efficiency of different inspection

List of content:

Thinking smart strategies and responding to change

Occupational violence risk for precariously employed adolescents: multiple
vulnerabilities to multiple risk factors

Regulating by stealth: reducing the OSH impact of pesticides

Early retirement from work: a longitudinal study of the impact of
organisational change in a public enterprise

Business organisation, precarious employment and risk transfer mechanisms in
the offshore oil industry

Evaluating workplace inspections

Further Information

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