Pollution prevention for wood products and furniture manufacturers

By reducing waste, wood products and furniture manufacturers can help reduce
their facility's regulatory burden, improve employees' health and boost their
public image. Pollution prevention/waste reduction efforts can also lead to
significant cost savings.

After identifying and quantifying all types of wastes from your operations,
including solid and hazardous wastes, air emissions and wastewater, the
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Pollution Prevention
Program recommends using the following checklist to help generate ideas for
pollution prevention improvements.

Good operating practices

  1. Are employees trained in the proper handling and use of hazardous
    materials, including ways to minimize waste generation?

  2. Do you consistently track the amounts of materials used and waste

  3. Do you practice good housekeeping, including preventing spills and leaks,
    keeping floors clean (sweeping or vacuuming is preferable to using water) and
    keeping storage areas organized?

  4. Have you consolidated as much as possible the number of different products
    you use which contain hazardous materials (to simplify inventory and reduce the
    number of MSDSs required)?

  5. Do you purchase materials only as needed and use a "first in, first out"
    policy (to prevent generation of waste from expired shelf-life materials)?

  6. Do you use returnable or reusable containers and purchase materials in bulk
    as much as possible?

  7. Do you cover containers which store coatings and solvents with
    tight-fitting lids when not in use?

  8. Do you inspect your transfer equipment for coatings and solvents for leaks
    regularly (pumps, hoses, connections, spigots, etc.)?

  9. Do you properly maintain spray equipment, including spray guns, air
    pressure gauges and regulators, transformers and condensors?

Mored detailed information is given on

  • Coatings and adhesives,
  • Cleaning of equipment and spray booths, and
  • Wood waste.


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