Practical Solutions to Tackle Stress at Work

New research reports on stress prevention and rehabilitation has recently been
published by the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which will help
inform the developments of new guidance for managers this Autumn.

Beacons of Excellence in Stress Prevention outlines criteria for best practice
in stress prevention. These criteria were developed from a literature review of
recent research in this area and through expert opinion. The criteria were used
to identify organisations that could be considered examples of best practice in
various aspects of stress prevention.

Best practice in rehabilitating employees following absence due to work-related
stress clarifies criteria of current best practice in rehabilitation. The
report provides clear and practical steps employers can put in place to
encourage employees to return to work and to prevent a recurrence of the
initial stress. The case studies in this report cover England, Scotland and
Wales, and there is also a section providing specific advice for small and
medium sized companies.

Further information

AplusA-online.de - Source: Health and Safety Executive (HSE)