EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH

Precise, effortless handling of loads

Using the BalanceLift, this is done with perfectly natural movements.

EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH has extended its product range for Small Goods Handling with the BalanceLift that is capable of 'balancing' loads from 20 to 150 kg at flexible lift heights between 0,3 and 3 m. Whether your job involves commissioning and handling of parcels, boxes, cartons, standardized containers, cans, canisters or barrels, or if heavy and bulky items have to be moved - EXPRESSO's BalanceLift ensures simple and precise manipulation.
The lifting procedure simply follows the user's natural movements, and is initiated via the ergonomically shaped operating handle. No buttons or keys need to be pressed for lifting/lowering, and the operator always has perfect control of the load - whereby everything is achieved without any physical effort.
These advantages come to full bear especially in assembly lines, e.g. in the automotive and other high-tech industries, because continuous and strenuous activities lead to a reduction in employee performance within a short time.
Using a balancing lifter ensures constant and persevering lifting operations, which protect employee health and thus have a positive effect on the production process.
The BalanceLift can be fitted to overhead rail systems, steel structures, and standby or wall-mounted cranes. All it needs is an air supply at 6 bar pressure, thus permitting its use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, because no electrical control equipment is required.