Prevent stormwater pollution from waste disposal

Storms and resulting stormwater may cause serious environmental pollution. Poor
management of solid, liquid or hazardous wastes can allow pollutants to
contaminate stormwater runoff. This checklist highlights best management
practices that can help prevent this problem.

Cover and berm waste storage areas.

Keep outside areas (dumpsters, parking lots, etc.) free of trash and debris.

Store wastes indoors when possible.

Keep waste containers covered.

Regularly inspect and clean grease traps.

Use nontoxic substitutes for chemicals when possible.

Recycle food grease, cleaning solutions, oil, antifreeze, batteries and fluids.

Sweep parking lots or other surfaces to remove debris blown or washed from
storage areas.

Store liquids in a designated area on a paved, impervious surface within a
secondary containment. Keep outdoor storage containers in good condition.

Regularly inspect and clean storm drains, and stencil inlets with "No Dumping."

Clean up spills immediately to minimize safety hazards and deter spreading.

Regularly control litter by sweeping and picking up trash and litter.

Educate employees on pollution prevention measures.

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