Prevention of Occupational Asthma

The U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) presents
a website , designed as a resource for individuals interested in the prevention
of occupational asthma (OA).

The site can be used by a variety of individuals. It is designed to provide a
background to the work being conducted in the field of OA prevention. It will
give occupational health researchers the ability to quickly identify gaps in
current knowledge, to judge which interventions appear most effective and which
should be examined for their use in additional studies, and to find basic
information on study designs used in research on the prevention of OA.
Additionally, policymakers will be able to quickly prioritize prevention
research goals.

The site consists of two sections: a text primer on the prevention of OA and a
set of query tables with details about the studies described in the primer.

The primer contains information distilled from 94 articles by 70 authors,
detailing 96 primary or secondary OA prevention activities, published from
1977-2003. It describes the current state of OA prevention work, and highlights
gaps in research that need to be filled.

Further Information

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