Product Line “ACTION” by TEXPORT: Functionality at its best

Fire Breaker ACTION

New colours and robust materials
Fire Breaker ACTION is a model of TEXPORT® that belongs to the much sought-after and best-selling protective clothing for fire brigades in Germany and Europe. It offers high quality design, fit and manufacture. Furthermore, TEXPORT® presents the ACTION-design brand-new in various colours (darkblue, orange, red, gold). In addition to this, the ACTION-design will not only be available with the approved upper material Nomex® (model Fire Breaker Action), but also with PBI Matrix® (model Fire ACTION Matrix), currently the most resistant upper material at the market.

By developing this product line, TEXPORT® pays attention to the great demand and numerous customer requests. “We are trying not only to be technological pioneer at the market, but especially to meet the requirements of our customers. Therefore we do not only need a keen sense of the right trends, but also to be receptive to wishes and ideas”, says Otmar Schneider, executive director of TEXPORT®.

Isolation System „Air Blocker“
Due to special protectors at the inner lining in the shoulder area, a permanently air-cushion is build between upper material and lining. The locked air isolates this extremely exposed area permanently and so offers an additional advantage for security.

Membrane: GORE-TEX® Airlock Spacer Technology
This membrane makes the clothing absolutely waterproof, breathable and enables a very fast drying. The extreme reduction of weight leads to an optimal wearing comfort.

TEXPORT Absorption Barriers
This system has stood the test of time: It prevents permanently the ingress of moisture through the hem seams into the inner lining.

Protection & comfort
Additional features offer the wearer an optimal freedom of movement and perfect comfort: special folds in the elbow and knee area, ergonomically preformed knee-pads, adjustable and removable suspenders and a lot of functional pockets and fasteners are only some highlights. Particularly interesting for German fire brigades: The clothing is certified after EN 469:2005, addition B and thus can also be worn without warning vest.