Eurodress GmbH & Co.

Professional handling for 75,000 clothing articles daily

- this is the successful record of Eurodress GmbH & Co., located in Lauterbach. As the European leader in quality for launderable workwear, Eurodress makes workwear for companies of all sizes and branches. The leading clothes manufacturer's products range from protective clothing that meets required standards to customer-specific image clothing. In addition to high product quality, reacting to customers' wishes quickly is a major concern.

"Delivery within 48 hours" is the ambitious aim of the company located in Lauterbach. Eurodress delivers the clothing articles anywhere in Europe only 1 - 2 days after the order is received. This unusual service is possible because of an innovative logistics system that, to this day, is unique in the textile branch. Eurodress has a computer-controlled finished goods warehouse that is enormously flexible in accommodating goods on a short-term basis so that short delivery times are guaranteed. A total of 20,000 articles are shipped out and another 55,000 are stored daily at four commissioning points in the fully automatic warehouse. The warehouse is 70 metres long and 16 metres high and can accommodate around 183,000 boxes with a total capacity of 1.2 million articles.

Consulting services for the individual customer are, in addition to warehouse and delivery capacity, an important part of Eurodress' comprehensive service concept. The concept also includes a functional needs analysis, individual product development as well as delivery and emblem services. Eurodress has its own production and procurement facilities so that customised productions and small series can be realised within a short period of time.