Project Management

Assistant Prof. R. Steven Konkel, Ph.D., Joe E. Beck and Worley Johnson in the
Department of Environmental Health Science at Eastern Kentucky University,
Richmond, Ky. offer a brief overview about good projekct management.

A good project manager molds the expectations of a client, keeping him up to
date and explaining new findings to facilitate client ownership and buy-in.

The key to any successful product is compliance with the "triple constants of
project management" or three imperatives. This means the project must be:

- completed on time;

- within budget; and

- within specifications stipulated by the customer.

These imperatives have to befollowed although in some cases, the client may
simply be in denial that a problem exists.

Good project management saves time, makes good use of resources, and makes life
a bit less stressful in accomplishing the tasks we do in the workplace. Ask
first, ask again, and check in often with the client. Doing these makes it
easier to sleep at night and fosters projects that produce results.

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