Promoting quality of work in the European Union

The Bilbao-based European Agency for Safety and Health at Work launches its 2003 Annual Report and a CD-ROM with all publications released in 2002-2003.

The addition of new Web features and online publications has established the
Agency as Europe's premier online portal of occupational safety and health
(OSH) information, according to the Agency's 2003 annual report.

Other 2003 achievements highlighted in the report include:

  • The Agency's European week on dangerous substances at work ­ the largest
    campaign of its kind, spanning over 30 European countries, including all EU
    Member States and candidate and acceding countries.
  • New reports on gender inequalities in OSH and assistance schemes for small
    and medium-sized enterprises, as well as factsheets to help various industries,
    such as the fisheries sector, address their safety and health problems.
  • The first steps towards establishing a ‘risk observatory' to identify and
    monitor emerging risks at work, such as psychosocial stress.
  • Initiatives to strengthen the prevention culture by mainstreaming OSH into
    education and training and to establish it as a key pillar of corporate social
  • The creation and expansion of special web features on subjects such as OSH
    and disability. Over 1.7 million people visited the Agency's website in 2003,
    a two-fold increase on the previous year.
  • The funding of 40 new projects to promote higher standards of OSH among
    Europe's 19 million SMEs through training, information activities and the
    provision of effective good practice. An independent assessment of the first
    year of the SME funding scheme, 2001-02, found that more than 500,000 SMEs had
    benefited from the 51 Agency-supported projects.
  • The distribution of more than 4 million copies of Agency publications, the
    majority in all official EU languages.

During the year, the EU-funded Agency also prepared itself to accommodate
enlargement as cost-effectively as possible. ‘With the arrival of 10 new
Member States in May 2004, the Agency will be able to offer an unrivalled pool
of OSH expertise and knowledge,' say Christa Schweng, the Chairperson, and
Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, the Director, in the report's opening

The report's publication coincides with the launch of a special CD-ROM edition
of all the Agency's 2002-3 publications.

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