Promotion for Welding Manipulator

The Department of Comsumer and Business Services of the US State of Oregon
promotes a Welding Manipulator which allows to handle parts with one hand while
running a hand grinder with the single remaining hand.

This solution reduces ergonomical problems by the engineering controls and
ergonomic improvements implemented. It consists of an off the shelf welding
indexer, having a remote foot speed control pedal. It is fitted with a custom
designed quick change clamping fixture. The fixture can be easily adjusted to
fit different shaped parts, and features a sliding clamp jaw that is unclamped
with the Πturn of a lever. The indexing face allows access of up to 5 sides of
a part in one setup, which greatly reduces the repetitive handling of the
parts. The fixturing face of the indexer may also be tilted in a range from
horizontal, to vertical. The assembly is mounted to an adjustable height work
cart to allow the device and work to be raised or lowered, and locked to an
optimum work height, to further reduce related ergonomic issues.

Further Information

AplusA-online.de - Source: State of Oregon Department of Comsumer and Business Services