Proper office workstation setup

Office working is covering an enormous amount of time in our life. The proper
office workstation setup helps to avoid risks and health threats while working
in the office.

Whether you are an adult sharing a computer at work, or a student sharing a
computer at school or at home, each time you sit down, adjust the environment
to your needs. Adjust the tilt of your monitor, use a box as a footrest, a
blanket on the seat to raise your chair height  -  whatever you need to adjust
into your comfort zone.

Posture, lighting, furniture, work organization, and other work conditions and
habits may affect the way you feel and how well you work. By adjusting your
work environment and personal practices, you may be able to minimize fatigue
and discomfort, and reduce the risk of resulting strains that some scientists
believe can lead to injury.

Whenever you use a computer, you make choices that can affect your comfort and
potentially your safety. This is true whether you use a desktop keyboard and
monitor in an office, notebook computer in a college dormitory, wireless
keyboard on your lap, or handheld at the airport. In every case, you choose
your working posture and your body's position relative to your computer, phone,
reference books, and papers. You may also have some control over lighting and
other factors.

A guide, published by Hewlett-Packard and available in 30 languages, describes
proper workstation setup, posture, and health and work habits for computer
users. In addition, this guide contains electrical and mechanical safety
information. The Guide is available in PDF format and contains detailed
information on:

  • promoting a safe and comfortable work environment
  • finding your comfort zone
  • arranging your work area
  • working in comfort
  • organizing your adjustments
  • your safety & comfort checklist
  • electrical and mechanical safety information

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