Proposal of Measures to Address Direct Emissions of Fine Particulates

The US Environmental Protction Agency (EPA) is proposing options for
calculating key program elements for implementing the Prevention of Significant
Deterioration (PSD) program for fine particle pollution in areas that meet
clean air standards. Fine particle pollution can aggravate heart and lung
diseases and has been associated with premature death and a variety of serious
health problems including heart attacks, chronic bronchitis and asthma attacks.

When an industrial facility applies for a permit to emit a regulated pollutant
in an area that meets clean air standards, the state and EPA must determine if
emissions of that pollutant will harm air quality. The PSD program uses three
key measures to make this determination: increments, significant impact level
(SIL), and significant monitoring concentration (SMC). The proposal presents
options for how to calculate each of these measures.

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