Purchasing Occupational Health Support in SME

Small and medium- sized enterprises should be made more aware through publicity
that occupational health support which furthers their business is tax
deductible. Many of the recommendations in a recently made report are aimed
primarily at making occupational health support and advice more readily
available to small and medium enterprises and motivating them to seek such

The report contains examples illustrating the rules regarding both deductions
or allowances against business profits for the employer and benefits provided
to or for the employee. Early intervention after a workplace injury or illness
can substantially reduce the likelihood of a person leaving employment
permanently and that increasing the amount of Occupational Health support
available would reduce the social costs of ill-health. Most employers want to
provide help for staff but part of the problem is that they need to be aware of
what is possible. Greater clarity and consistency in the rules governing
employee tax liability for occupational health support, such as is laid out in
the leaflet, will be very welcome.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: Health and Safety Executive (HSE)