Pure flexibility: the new ELTEN BIOMEX Safety Shoe with Kevlar Sole Technology

The latest penetration protection to EN ISO 20345, an innovative sprain-protection system and a biodynamic shoe design which accommodates itself to the natural movement of the foot - this much technology is seldom found in a single safety shoe. Unless you choose the new S3 model "Dino black" from the ELTEN BIOMEX© series, which is equipped with modern Kevlar® penetra-tion protection. What you get is concentrated innovation. And pure flexibility.

The newly equipped S3 version of the "Dino" model from the ELTEN BIOMEX series is ideal for all jobs where great freedom of movement is needed without sacrificing high penetration protection and special ankle protection. Because the new BIOMEX© S3 not only guarantees full penetration protection to EN ISO 20345 and especially effective twist protection thanks to the innovative BIOMEX© system, it is also a true front runner when it comes to flexibility and wearing comfort. This is ensured by the new Kevlar® sole technology and special BIOMEX© leg collar. The two have one thing on common: they guarantee a high degree of safety and maximum freedom of movement to-gether.

Thus, the new S3 model of the ELTEN-BIOMEX© series offers a totally new feeling of mobility combined with penetration protection. This is because, instead of a tradi-tional steel sole, a new midsole consisting of several layers of Kevlar® and ceramic-coated fibres is used. The sole with the name L-Protection® is so flexible that it is simply sewn to the upper like an insole. At the same time it is so penetration-proof that it completely satisfies the requirements of the EN ISO 20345 standard. Because the new technology functions like a bullet-proof vest, protecting the sole of the foot against penetrating objects while at the same time offering a high degree of foot com-fort.

Safety and comfort go hand in hand, even with BIOMEX PROTECTION© technology. Be-cause the plastic cuff bracing the ankle is designed so flexibly that you scarcely no-tice it in every-day use. The reason is that not only the collar but also the entire shoe design is constructed asymmetrically and thus follows the natural roll-over movement of the foot. That means the greatest wearing comfort and special protection at the same time. Because if the ankles are put at risk - for example, when twisting the foot -, the BIOMEX© system intercepts the forces set up, before they can affect the ankle system, thus affording the best possible protection from twisting as well as total com-fort.

So, whether it is protection from injuries to the sole of your foot or injuries to your an-kles you require, the new "Dino" S3 model from the ELTEN BIOMEX© series affords you optimum protection and pure flexibility at the same time.