REACH: Commission welcomes Council's agreement on new EU chemical legislation

The European Commission welcomes the Council's political agreement on a
comprehensive new system aimed at ensuring greater safety in the manufacture
and use of chemical substances.

The new system, REACH, will establish an
integrated system for the registration, evaluation, authorisation and
restriction of chemicals. REACH will ensure that the gaps in existing
information on the hazardous properties of some 30,000 chemicals are filled and
that the necessary information on the safe use of substances is transmitted
along the industrial supply chain leading to reduced risks for workers, for
consumers, and for the environment. REACH will reverse the burden of proof so
that industry, both producers and importers of substances, rather than the
public authorities, will have to assume greater responsibility for providing
the necessary information and taking effective risk management measures.

formal Common Position of the Council should be approved under the Austrian
Presidency in May 2006, a step that will pave the way for the second reading of
the proposal by the European Parliament. Parliament adopted its first reading
of REACH on 17 November.

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