REACHing the workplace

The European Trade Union Technical Bureau for Health and Safety (TUTB) has
published brochure focussing on the health and safety benefits inherent in the
REACH legislative reform for the millions of European workers who are exposed
to chemicals in the workplace on a daily basis.

The proposed reform of the European legislation on trade in chemical
substances, known as REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of
CHemicals), pursues two main aims: ensuring a high level of protection for
human health and the environment; and strengthening the competitiveness of the
European chemical industry.

European workers stand to benefit enormously from this reform, since at present
the manufacture and use of chemicals in the workplace takes a heavy toll on
them. Indeed, approximately one out of every three occupational diseases
recognised annually in Europe can be ascribed to exposure to hazardous

In order to better understand in what way the REACH reform represents a real
opportunity to reduce the number of occupational diseases related to exposure
to dangerous substances, this publication begins by examining the reasons why a
reform is needed; it then describes the content of the REACH reform and the
changes it will make to the existing legislation. It concludes by explaining
the state of play in the legislative process underway at the European
Parliament and the Council, which should result in the adoption of the REACH


  • Chemicals: two sides to the story
  • Why is a reform of the current legislation on chemicals needed?
  • Content of the REACH proposal
  • How REACH will alter the existing legislation
  • How workers stand to benefit from REACH
  • What is the current state of play on REACH?

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