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Rapid STAT Certificate of the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany

Further control measurements of the Police Forces in Germany (Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland) have confirmed the sensitivity of THC on the Rapid STAT test. A sensitivity of 93,07 % was proved when examining 185 collected samples. GC/MS measurements in serum and saliva have been performed by the University of Mainz, Legal Medicine, Dr. Jörg Röhrich and by the University of Homburg/Saar, Legal Medicine, Professor Dr. Thomas Krämer.
Quotation of the certificate of the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz: "….. With the persons tested correct positive in THC by the Rapid STAT test, THC concentrations in serum between 0.8 and 24.3 ng/mL have been found when examining the associated blood samples. The average value was at 7.1 ng/mL and the Median at 3.1 ng/mL. Outstanding was that with 5 of the donors tested positive with the Rapid STAT a THC serum-level in the range of the limit value of 1 ng/ml was detected. (0.8; 0.9; 1.2; 1.6; 1.7 ng/mL). This argues for a high sensitivity of the test system !”