Reducing Injuries in Waste and Recycling Industry

The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a three-year
initiative with the waste and recycling industry to address the high number of
fatal and serious incidents that occur during collection and processing of
municipal waste and recycling activities.

Part of the initiative involves visits to private companies and half of all
Local Authorities that either manage their own, or contract out services.
Inspectors are assessing the management of health and safety, concentrating
specifically on the design, specification and management of contracts,
workplace transport, manual handling and employee welfare.

At initial visits, inspectors are looking at policies and control measures in
place and how these are managed, and will follow up one year later to check
that employers required to produce an action plan of improvements have carried
these out.

The initiative is supplemented by a rolling programme of advisory seminars to
local authorities assisting in contract design and the management of
contracts/contractors. The newly launched HSE waste/recycling webpage
www.hse.gov.uk/waste/index.htm guides the industry to current sources of
guidance and best practice.

A checklist setting out the framework for effective planning, organising,
controlling, and monitoring of activities, including a review of protective and
preventive measures needed to ensure the health and safety of employees and
others, is available. Industry managers are invited to compare their own
(management) control systems.

Further information

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