Weiss GWE GmbH

Reliable Ejector Extraction inPermanently Safe Adherence to the MAC Value the Pathology-

The company Weiss GWE GmbH with its head office located in Hude, in Lower Saxony, is well-known as an innovative and efficient producer as well as provider of units for the capturing and extraction of pollutants.

For this year's exhibition A+A in Düsseldorf Weiss GWE is presenting among others the WIBOjekt workplace for safe and economical working in the pathology. The air guiding principle WIBOjekt generates a stable clean-air curtain by specially-shaped and configured ejectors.
Public inquiries resulted in the fact that the permanently safe adherence to the MAC (maximum allowable concentration) value according to the standard TRGS 402 (technical rules for hazardous substances) is guaranteed at the WIBOjekt worktable.

In conjunction with stabilizers, the ejector effect achieves an optimal capturing of pollutants like formaldehyde, xylene and others and it conveys them safely to the exhaust air.
Whether in pathological or histological departments of universities, hospitals, laboratories, research- and veterinary institutes or in the forensic medicine – the clean-air curtain ensures reliable protection of personnel and the surrounding vicinity and even if the person working reaches into it, it remains stable.


As the WIBOjekt clean-air curtain only causes a slight but precise, draft-free airflow, the running dry of the tissue and cell samples is prevented.

Beside the optimal capturing of the pollutants, Weiss GWE attaches great importance to ergonomically designed and practice-oriented units.
The tissue fluids of the samples should not get into the ventilation slots – this is prevented by a 15 mm deep tub for the cutting area. Rounded corners and smooth surfaces ensure that the unit can be cleaned reliably and bacteriologically well.

The WIBOjekt pathology box is suitable for dyeing and embedding works, and for microscopic examinations. It can be easily installed on an existing work surface. Both the pathology table and the box can be equipped individually with many accessories depending on the requirements.