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Renewed Mammoet Workwear collection

Safety shoe Edge (S3)

After the successful introduction of the first Mammoet Workwear collection, a renewed version of the line has now been launched on the market. Mammoet Workwear consists of two types of functional socks, five models of safety shoes, and two boots with a tough and extremely contemporary design, supplemented by a practical collection of outerwear and undergarments. The collection is available via selected distributors in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The wearer’s working conditions determine which Mammoet Workwear shoe or boot is the best choice: extremely wet work and climate, varying wet and dry conditions, or a work environment where it is both warm and dry. These conditions formed the starting point for the development of the footwear. Because both work and climate can vary considerably, both in the Netherlands as well as abroad, a collection was created which comprises seven different models. In developing the products, Mammoet employed the knowledge of Bata Industrials, a trendsetter in functional footwear.
Bata Industrials also acts as the sales organisation for Mammoet Workwear products.

Safety and health
To a great extent, warm, dry feet determine the comfort of the shoes and are key to the health of employees. The Mammoet shoes and boots are manufactured from breathable materials and are waterproof in accordance with the strictest requirements. Models have been developed which incorporate a Gore-Tex membrane, guaranteeing that they will be waterproof in any situation, even in extremely wet conditions.

To complete the range, Mammoet Cool and Mammoet Thermo socks were also developed, suitable for warm and cold work environments, respectively. Each sock has its own specific combination of threads and fibres.

Work apparel
Mammoet knows better than anyone what kind of protection people need to be able to work under the severest of conditions. After all, this traditional Dutch company has been active in demanding and challenging hauling and transport work for 40 years, worldwide. Mammoet also applied this knowledge to the development of standardised work apparel. The collection contains various types of overalls, work trousers with matching jackets, and a set of undergarments.

Points of sale
The collection is available via selected distributors in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, and may be viewed on www.mammoetworkwear.com. Customers can rest assured they will be getting expert advice at these carefully chosen points of sale.