Report Looks under Hood of Vehicle Emissions Compliance

Controlling pollution from mobile sources is vital to improving the quality of
our air and protecting public health. Several programs have resulted in
substantial emission reductions and health benefits. In fact, the emission
reductions resulting from clean fuel and vehicle standards can prevent more
premature deaths, hospitalizations, and million work days lost.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released its first annual report
that summarizes environmental compliance data from all mobile sources including
cars, light duty trucks, and non-road equipment. The report provides
information about vehicle recalls, emissions certification testing, and
emission defects. This report will help stakeholders better understand the
compliance programs requirements, process, and results.

Activities - proposed and assessed - include:

  • Assessing mobile source-related air quality problems and developing and using
    sophisticated modeling tools to develop solutions and measure results.

  • Establishing national standards to reduce emissions from on-road and nonroad
    mobile sources of pollution.

  • Implementing national mobile source standards through certification processes
    and in-use monitoring strategies.

  • Coordinating transportation and air quality policies with state, local, and
    federal agencies.

  • Developing fuel efficiency programs and technologies
    to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from the transportation sector.

  • Developing clean and efficient automotive technologies
    and transferring them to the marketplace.

  • Operating state-of-the-art models to support national,
    state, and local emission inventories.

  • Managing international activities that leverage U.S. clean air experience and
    export technology solutions to developing countries.

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