Risk assessment for occupational dermal exposure to chemicals

A major source of sickness absence in the workplace is due to skin irritation
and dermatitis, as well as diseases caused by chemicals that impair optimal
functioning of the skin, after contact with contaminated surfaces. Current
methodologies for assessing these dermal exposures are, however, inadequate.

The European Community therefor funds a project on risk assessment for
occupational dermal exposure to chemicals. The project aims to reduce acute and
chronic ill-health through dermal contact with chemicals, developing two
essential tools for management of dermal exposure and prevention of ill-health:
a validated predictive model for estimating dermal exposure for use in risk
assessment of single chemicals and a practical dermal exposure risk management
tool for use by SMEs and others, for workplaces.

The tool kit is an expert system to help you assess and manage hazard, exposure
and risk from dermal exposure and to estimate risk from dermal exposure to
hazardous chemicals at the workplace. It produces an estimate of effect on skin
and risk of uptake via skin to produce help risk. It recommends risk control
and risk management actions.

Further Information

AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work