Rostaing S.A.


Rostaing brings together its expertise in manufacturing safety gloves and ability to constantly innovate by using the resistance and comfort of the Dyneema ® fiber, the world’s strongest fiberTM.

Five models have been designed by ROSTAING and approved by DYNEEMA ®:

ROSTAING’s SAFETY range includes four cut-resistant models.
Three of them are polyurethane-coated models to ensure a high level of dexterity and precision in wet or slightly greasy conditions.
One nitrile-coated model meets user requirements to work in oily or greasy conditions and offers excellent grip and dexterity.
ROSTAING’s HANDLING range offers the WETCUT/01. A 100minutes water-repellent bovine leather glove with a Dyneema/Polyamide liner. It is the ideal glove for both wet and dry handling operations that offers exceptional comfort for a leather glove with such a high level of resistance.