Sala Group Ltd.


Sayfclimb, introduced by height equipment specialist Sala, is a radically new temporary fall arrest system for operators working on structures requiring infrequent maintenance. Fully portable and installed in 30 minutes or less, Sayfclimb offers a cost-effective alternative to permanent height safety systems.
The cost of installing and annually testing permanent vertical safety systems is often considered prohibitive for temporary maintenance projects. Sala's new Sayfclimb offers a brand new solution to this problem, providing full protection for situations where height safety is only needed for a short period of time.
Sayfclimg consists of top and intermediate brackets which are permanently attached to the structure. Weight just under 25 kg, the Sayfclimb portable unit is equipped with a reel up to 80m of stainless steel cable terminating with a double action hook. The 'first man up' clips transfer devices (which are attached to the cable) onto the pre-installed intermediate brackets as he reaches them. The double action hook is then attached to the top bracket and tensioned.
Once tensioned, Sayfclimb acts just like a permanent system - the only difference being that when the work is complete, the lifeline is simply reeled back in for use elsewhere. And the larger the project, the greater the cost savings. In addition to lower material costs, Sayfclimb does not require an annual site inspection before use. The system can be used by up to four workers simultaneously and represents a highly cost-efficient safety solution, particularly on multiple structures. In addition the intermediate brackets are guaranteed for a period of 20 years.