Satra Technology Centre

SATRA innovation protects high-risk industry

SATRA has created its own test rig to evaluate gloves and clothing that may come into contact with molten metal or welding sparks.
Engineers at the UK technology centre have designed and built an automated gas welding machine. The flame of a welding torch is applied to a steel welding rod and the drops of molten metal which form are directed on to a sample of test material.
Time taken for a rise in temperature of 40°C underneath the sample is the criteria used to assess wearer protection.
Tests can also be conducted over set lengths of time - as requested by suppliers to meet certain standards - with rises in temperature being recorded.
The new rig allows SATRA to test to European standard EN348 and any clothing and gloves designed for the welding industry must pass this test before being CE marked with this standard. Only CE marked products can be sold in Europe and SATRA is one of only a handful of Notified Bodies able to undertake this type of testing.