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Rationalisation simplifies selection and accounts for user preferences

Scott Health & Safety have responded to market requirements by undertaking a major review of its Negative Pressure Respirator range, involving rationalisation and innovative design modifications to their range of half and full facemasks. Scott’s new range combines comfort and protection with a comprehensive choice of filters that protect against a wide variety of respiratory hazards, whilst simplifying product selection and reducing the number of stock items required by distributor channels.

Scott’s range of negative pressure half and full face masks are available in a selection of sizes, choice of materials and single or twin filter styles that account for user preference and make it easier to comply with fit test legislation.

Following on from the successful introduction of Scott’s modern twin filter half mask Profile² respirator, offering low cost of ownership and ease of use, existing premium level products R60 and R40 have been further enhanced and renamed Profile60 and Profile40 respectively.

The twin filter half mask Profile60 includes a new harness which has been modified to accept Scott Pro² TM range of highly efficient gas particulate and combined filters to provide respiratory protection for a wide variety of workers.

Profile40 is a single filter half mask which has been upgraded with a 40mm EN148-1 thread filter fitting to accept selected filters from the Pro2000 canister range.

Following rationalisation, Scott Health and Safety’s negative pressure range of full face masks will include Promask models, Sari Natural Rubber and Vision.

The Scott Promask is a lightweight and ergonomically designed, multi functional full face mask, incorporating wide panoramic views and providing unrivalled comfort and protection for users operating in some of the most demanding environments. Promask is available in two sizes and three variants including new Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) facemasks to ensure maximum comfort and perfect anatomical fit. Single filter masks can be supplied in either durable, chemical resistant halo-butyl elastomer - Procomp® or silicone - Promask, for use with side fitting DIN 40mm Pro2000 filters. Promask2 is a twin filter full face mask providing exceptional balance and presenting an extremely low profile for close-up or restricted access working. Available in moulded grey silicone, Promask2 accepts Pro² cartridge filters, which are covered to maximise working life by protecting the filter media from splashes, sparks and contaminants.

The Sari NR offers a natural rubber full face mask with a wide-vision panoramic visor and a central, front fitting single filter port for use with Pro2000 filters. In common with all other full face masks in the Scott range, it utilises airflow management to prevent visor misting and to ensure CO2 is flushed rapidly and efficiently, greatly enhancing acceptance and reducing fatigue.

When combined with Pro2000 filters, the Vision 1000 (central, front fitting filter) and Vision 4000 (side fitting filter) offers the ultimate in full face solutions for the widest variety of users and applications. The LSR silicone faceseal combines the features of comfort and flexibility with the benefits of durability and long service life, whilst the standard hard coated solvent and scratch resistant visor provides a virtually unrestricted (98%) field of vision and low through-life costs.

For further details of the new negative pressure range or advice on products to be discontinued contact Scott Health and Safety Customer Services or visit www.scottsafety.com

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Scott Health & Safety, a unit of Tyco International Ltd.’s Fire & Security segment, are innovative specialists in the manufacture and design of respiratory, head and sensory personal protective equipment and other safety devices for fire & rescue services, industrial workers, police, military and civil defence organisations around the world.
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