SMEs Given New Standard to Manage their Impact on the Environment

Recently a unique initiative from BSI in partnership with major companies to
promote best environmental practice for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises,
entered a new phase with the launch of a new British Standard (BS 8555: 2003).

Until now the drive to make business more environmentally friendly and to
develop environmental management systems has concentrated on multinationals and
large companies.

This is the first time that the challenges for SMEs to manage their impact on
the environment have been specifically addressed. There are over 3.7 million
SMEs in the UK, and small firms (which employ fewer than 10 people) make up
over 90% of all firms in the country contributing around 40% to the UK's Gross
National Product (GNP).

Any small organisation which wants to address environmental management must do
so within the context of a range of other pressing business issues such as
managing day-to-day operations and winning new orders.However an increasing
number of larger companies now expect their suppliers - often SMEs - to be able
to demonstrate a commitment to environmental protection. At the same time, many
SMEs want to improve their environmental performance but don't know where to
start. Recognising these factors, Acorn provides a step by step approach to
environmental concerns and provides help and assistance to companies along the

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