STOP THAT NOISE! - Pan-European campaign against excessive noise at work starting

Nearly one-in-four employees in the EU (60 million people) are exposed to such
high, persistent noise levels at work that they have to raise their voices to
make themselves heard for at least half their time at work.

A minor inconvenience? Not when it leads to deafness, tinnitus and other

One of the stereotypes concerning noise at work is that it can only affect your
hearing, and that only people working in traditionally 'loud' industries, such
as construction or metalworks, are at risk.


  • Noise could cost you much more than your hearing - it can be a causal
    factor in accidents and may act together with other workplace hazards to cause
    ill health
  • Noise could have a direct and devastating effect on millions of people
    working in the service sector across Europe (e.g. in education, entertainment,
    call centres etc.)
  • By February 2006 all EU Member States are obliged to implement the 2003
    Directive imposing new safety standards for noise at work
  • Noise can be effectively controlled and its risks prevented or considerably

This is why the European Agency is saying: "Stop that Noise!" and launching
Europe's biggest ever information campaign on 20 April 2005 - International
Noise Awareness Day.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work