Safe glass handling on site

The handling of flat glass involves the risk of serious personal injury.
Experience has shown that although the risk is higher in factories where flat
glass is manufactured, serious accidents continue to happen in premises where
glass is subsequently handled and processed.

In the light of a recent accident the British HSE has reviewed its advice
concerning delivering, unloading and moving of glass. The main focus ist to
remind those who are respnsible should consider more closely the risks involved
in releasing single sheets of glass, taking into account specific circumstances

  • site conditions;
  • storage arrangements; and
  • ground and weather conditions,

in which glass sheets are liable to become unstable when held vertically on
steel stillages. This is the only sure way of arriving at safe systems of work
for packing and unpacking large sheets of glass.

The danger is most acute when packing and unpacking wooden crates containing
large sheets of glass on steeply inclined stillages (stacking platforms); such
crates are commonly used to import large pieces of specialist glass.

By conducting a suitable risk assessment duty holders will be able to identify
circumstances where glass could become unstable and make arrangements to
eliminate the risk of the glass falling onto workers.
If this is not reasonably practicable, control measures should be considered,
taking into account the sequence of work to reduce, or control the risk. This
may include a positive system of excluding workers from any area where they may
be struck by falling sheets. If reliance must be placed on a safe system of
work, care must be taken to ensure those following it are adequately trained
and supervised.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: Health and Safety Executive (HSE)