Safe use of skip loaders

The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published a new leaflet on
its website: Safe use of skip loaders - advice for employees.

Revised at the end of last year, it contains detailed advice to assist with
risk assessment and devising safe systems of work where skips are present on
sites. The pocket card provides a brief checklist of some important things one
can do to protect oneself and others.

Dangers of skip loaders include:

  • being struck by vehicles;
  • falling and slipping;
  • failures of lifting equipment;
  • striking overhead cables/obstructions;
  • vehicle overturns;
  • runaway vehicles.

The provided checklist is not a full list. Onemay need to make other checks
depending on the vehicle driven and the places worked in. If in doubt, one may
need to refer to the skip loader manual, or one may need to ask for extra

But the checklist includes advice on

  • Dropping off and picking up
  • Safe vehicle
  • Safe worker
  • safe working

The checklist emphasizes:

  • Monitor the work area at all times!
  • Skip movements can kill!
  • If the drop/pick-up seems unsafe, don't do it!
  • Protect yourself, your workmates and the public.

Further Information

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