JSP Ltd.

Safety Helmet stands out

The EvoLite CR2 reflective safety helmet from JSP represents a huge advance in reflective specialist head protection for individuals working in dark environments, and makes JSP’s EvoLite helmet, already the lightest and strongest on the market, even more indispensable.

The high-intensity reflective material used on the CR2 conforms to Class R2 EN 12899-1, the same specification as used on motorway signs, and gives a significantly higher reflectivity performance than the reflective strips normally used on EN471 high-visibility clothing. Suitable for use in a range of hazardous environments where it is essential for workers to be seen, such as construction, civil engineering, mining, motorways and offshore, the helmet has reflective material on all sides, giving 360 degree reflective coverage, as well as on the top of the helmet to improve visibility from above, vital for workers such as crane operators.

Visibility of workers is critical for a safer working environment and its importance cannot be overstated, specially where the individual may be exposed to operators of heavy equipment or vehicle drivers.