Safety and Health Page on Chemical Reactivity Hazards

Workers and employers involved in the manufacture, distribution, use and
storage of chemicals will benefit from a new web page -- Chemical Reactivity
Hazards -- unveiled by the American Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA).

The page is a product of two national Alliances with OSHA: the Dow Chemical
Company and the Reactives Alliance (consisting of the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) and six organizations involved in the chemical industry).

Chemical reactivity is key to the chemical manufacturing industry. Still, such
reactions do present serious and oftentimes catastrophic results to workers and
process equipment when the hazard is not thoroughly understood and controlled.
The purpose of the Chemical Reactivity Hazards page is to provide relevant
information to employers and workers in order to ensure safe chemical

The page addresses particular standards that apply to the industry. Detailed
sections are offered that describe hazard recognition and incident
investigation reports. Other sections describe hazard evaluation, control and
prevention, and training. References to other sources of information are also a
click away. In addition, the page also offers a quick link to free on-line
access to the publication "Essential Practices for Managing Chemical Reactivity
Hazards," produced by the Center for Chemical Process Safety of the American
Institute of Chemical Engineers.

In detail gives the web-page information on:

  • What standards apply?
  • How can I recognize chemical reactivity hazards in my workplace? (Hazard
    Recognition and Incident Investigation Reports)
  • How can I evaluate chemical reactivity hazards?
  • How can chemical reactivity hazards be controlled and prevented?
  • Where can I find additional information?

Further Information:

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