Science blog post on Stress at Work

Unfortunately, stress at work can be a year-round issue further exacerbated
during these months, as we all may feel a little more stress due to the demands
of the holidays.

Work organization and job stress are topics of growing concern in the
occupational safety and health field and at NIOSH (US-American Institute of
Occuaptional Safety and Health). The expressions "work organization" or
"organization of work" refer to the nature of the work process (the way jobs
are designed and performed) and to the organizational practices (e.g.,
management and production methods and accompanying human resource policies)
that influence the design of jobs.

Job stress results when there is a poor match between job demands and the
capabilities, resources, or needs of workers. Stress-related disorders
encompass a broad array of conditions, including psychological disorders (e.g.,
depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder) and other types of
emotional strain (e.g., dissatisfaction, fatigue, tension), maladaptive
behaviors (e.g., aggression, substance abuse), and cognitive impairment (e.g.,
concentration and memory problems). In turn, these conditions may lead to poor
work performance or even injury. Job stress is also associated with various
biological reactions that may lead ultimately to compromised health, such as
cardiovascular disease.

The new Science Blog provides yet another way to further the long-standing
commitment to optimizing two-way communication with NIOSH and their partners.
The blog provides an expeditious system for evreybody to present ideas to
scientists and each other while engaging in robust scientific discussion with
the goal of protecting workers.

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