Scott Health & Safety Ltd.

Scott Health & Safety Launches Protégé Multi-Gas Monitor

At A&A Scott Health & Safety is launching Protégé, a technologically advanced, hand-held, durable multi-gas monitor for use in a wide range of industrial and fire applications.

Certified to the highest possible global performance standards, Protégé is ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of the hand. It is strong enough for use in the harshest conditions yet is lightweight enough to be suitable for everyday activities. Because of its small, efficient design and simple two-button interface, users can easily operate all of Protégé’s features with one hand allowing them to have their other hand free. Protégé also features visual, audible and vibrating alarms, extensive data-logging and a large, backlit LCD screen.

Protégé can detect oxygen, combustibles, hydrogen sulphide and/or carbon monoxide in industrial, petrochemical, oil and gas and emergency situations. It has been designed with simple, but powerful features that are not available on any other personal gas detection instrument.

With Windows-based proprietary software, a variety of operating options can be configured for a multitude of uses and personal user preferences including:

· password control
· timer
· calibration due date
· alarm set points
· calibration gas values
· automatic zero calibration at start up

Data logging is based on event changes only, rather than automatic intervals, resulting in the capture of relevant analytics of workplace environments and usage while reducing the number of stored data points. Up to 7,000 significant events can be captured and stored for further analysis. This feature enables the end-user to focus on the data that is the most important to them.

With its easily changeable sensors, Protégé can be configured in five different sensor combinations for use in multiple applications. It is perfectly suited for confined space applications when using the optional parasitic pump which does not require its own power supply. This feature helps to keep the instrument’s profile small, especially when compared to other personal monitors. When configured with its optional pump, Protégé is transformed from a personal gas monitor into a confined space monitor.