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Second Generation Mass Decontamination Showers and Shelters

PPS Second Generation Mass Decontamination Showers and Shelters

PPS is proud to present a new range of Mass Decontamination Showers and Eemergency Shelters based on a light weight and robust mechanical articulating frame technology. The new range will compliment our inflatable systems and is particularly suited to the mass decontamination strategies of many of the world's emergency services.

PPS introduced inflatable systems in 1996 and has built a world class reputation with a customer base extending across continents and in every major country on the planet. Since the Homeland Defence Initiative and other similar states of readiness around the world, PPS has extended its range to include this new, high strength, "Second Generation” system. The patented articulating frame technology at the heart of the new range is manufactured in the USA by the TVI Corporation.

Ideal for First Responders, as few as two people can erect these products in as little as two or three minutes without the need for inflation devices or electricity. Structural integrity is maintained even if 30% of the framework is damaged or missing. These products collapse to a compact size for efficient storage and transportation.

Manufactured from a tough fabric that is:

  • break and tear resistant

  • cold and heat resistant

  • oil resistant

  • mildew resistant

  • flame resistant

Units range from an individual decontamination shower suitable for hazmat incidents to a mass decon unit that is large enough to provide two ambulatory lines and one non-ambulatory line.

Standard features of the new units include

  • an integrated fabric shower requiring no installation

  • contaminant containment internal and external

  • UV stabilised, fire retardant and chemical resistant top canopy to provide natural ambient light

  • transport bag

  • ground sheet

  • windows

  • utility ports repair

  • anchor kits

They are also supported by a large range of accessories to suit all specifications.