Selecting manual handling controls

Frequent and heavy lifting and handling can cause back injuries. But using
lifting and handling aids can remove or reduce that risk and keep workers
healthy and at work.

Advice on the many ways to reduce manual handling risks using a variety of
equipment is contained in 'Are you making the best use of lifting and handling
aids?' recently published on the British HSE website.

This guidance is intended for managers, employees and their representatives and
others involved in the selection of lifting and handling aids.

The advice is illustrated by:

  • examples of solutions using lifting/handling aids;
  • factors to consider when selecting lifting and handling aids; and
  • lifting and handling aids case studies.

Back injuries from manual handling are a major cause of occupational ill
health. But:

  • they can often be prevented;
  • preventative measures are cost-effective;
  • where back injuries cannot be prevented, early reporting of symptoms,
    proper treatment and suitable rehabilitation is essential.

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