Semmco Ltd.

Semmco Launches Inspection Set at A+A

A brand new inspection set “HEAD6” from Semmco, will be launched to the European market at this year’s A+A. HEAD6 uses similar technology to Semmco’s award-winning oxygen escape set HEAD10, but it can be used for a short duration to enter an environment where toxic or asphyxiating gases are used.

The new inspection set provides the wearer with up to six minutes of oxygen in a self-contained hood and provides excellent vision through a clear visor. It has been developed to allow personnel to safely attend to any problems within a potentially hazardous environment that, if left unattended could have disastrous consequences. Semmco’s new “inspection” oxygen set protects the wearer’s head from smoke, flames and fumes for a sufficient period to safely effect a repair, turn off a valve or assist other personnel in difficulties. And because it is self-contained, the wearer has both hands free to rectify the problem safely and efficiently.

For more information on HEAD10 and HEAD6, please visit Semmco’s Stand no. 6C19 at A+A, or in the meantime you can visit www.semmco.com.