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Setting the pace of innovation in hand protection solutions Ansell's Technology and Solutions platform is the meeting point for A+A 2007

Brussels, 18 September 2007 - Ansell Healthcare will be present in Düsseldorf at A+A 2007, the world's largest trade fair dedicated to worker safety. From September 18 to 21, the leading global provider of total hand protection solutions will showcase innovative technology platforms and products. In Düsseldorf, Ansell will demonstrate how it tackles major hand protection challenges like controlled grip and cut resistance. Ansell will also present GuardianSM, the unique assessment methodology for selecting the most appropriate work gloves, increasing both worker safety and productivity. Moreover, Ansell will showcase its new educational approach towards professional end-users in a selection of industrial segments.

New benchmark in grip performance: first on AlphaTecTM, now on the HyFlex® range

Enhancing grip performance while handling wet and oily objects is one of the key challenges for workers. When launching the revolutionary Ansell Grip TechnologyTM platform, Ansell has defined a new standard for dealing with exactly that challenge.

The Ansell Grip TechnologyTM was first added to Ansell's AlphaTecTM glove for a definitive grip solution in wet or oily environments coupled with outstanding chemical resistance. Aimed at those who work with hazardous chemicals, AlphaTecTM is currently widely used in the printing, mining, aerospace, agriculture, oilfield exploration and production, automotive and OEM industries. Already receiving much praise from all over the world, AlphaTecTM now comes in an improved version, including a new, soft nylon liner for even greater user comfort.

In an exciting development, Ansell has married its Grip TechnologyTM to the highly successful HyFlex® family of lightweight assembly gloves. The HyFlex® 11-920 offers outstanding grip on slightly oily parts for safe material handling, combined with an oil repellent nitrile coating to protect the skin from contamination.

With this new HyFlex® 11-920 glove, Ansell launches the first glove that doesn't compromise between grip, oil repellence, dexterity and comfort.

Underwriting a commitment to cut-resistant hand protection solutions: New Vantage®

Optimising cut protection while ensuring comfort is another challenge in today's industries. At A+A, Ansell showcases its Cut-resistance Technology Platform.

Partnerships with leading fibre manufacturers and a careful selection of fibres and innovative yarn designs have resulted in a tailor-made glove range with exceptional cut resistance, ideal for handling sharp tools and materials while offering comfort and dexterity.

The New Vantage® glove range offers maximum cut protection combined with superior longevity, exceptional dexterity and a higher level of user comfort. New Vantage® incorporates improved product features for gloves that are even more suitable to specific applications.

Optimizing return on investment in hand protection - Ansell presents GuardianSM

In addition to bringing innovative products to the market, Ansell is also aiming to be the preferred hand protection knowledge partner. With GuardianSM, the leader in total hand protection solutions offers the industry a modern, rational approach to maximizing return on a company's hand protection investment. Large-scale GuardianSM assessments carried out in collaboration with leading industry players have resulted in impressive decreases in work-related injuries and significant cost reductions. The GuardianSM methodology and testimonials will be outlined during the A+A showcase.

Increasing safety awareness for all workers

Ansell is working hand-in-hand with large industry players, always seeking to increase the level of safety awareness for every worker. The Ansell booth will feature specialised displays directed towards professional end-users in the building and construction, automotive and metal fabrication, and chemical sectors. Ansell displays will include educational materials designed to help users choose the most effective hand-protection product for each type of job. This is yet another opportunity for Ansell to reinforce its mission: to better protect people and products.

Ansell experts will be available at stand number J31, Hall 6 to answer all questions about Ansell products and services.

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A complete product sheet and high-resolution colour logos and images may be downloaded from http://www.anselleurope.com/industrial/index.cfm?pages=hyflex11920_press&lang=EN

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