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Silver Wear: Natural Treatment for Healing and Security

Natural Treatment for Healing and Security with Pure Silver
Medical Healthcare Clothing with "Next-to-Skin" Silver Fibre.

BEST4BODY with pure silver will help with...
providing a natural treatment for skin problems and defects which which most people suffer from at some timesooner or later:
• extensive perspiration on hands, armpits, feet (medical term: Hyperhidrosis)
• bad odours on body and feet
• skin bacteria- fungus
• eczema from scrubbing or wounds

• Best4Body can ease the sufferings of Dermatitis
• it helps in the therapy of occupationally caused skin deseases
• can be used, thanks to ESD safely in electrostatic sensitive areas

All effects have been clinically tested and are achieved in a 100% natural way. Without danger of allergic reactions.

No Risk - No Side Effects

Tests have been conducted in the USA (FDA = Federal Drug Administration), Japan, Great Britain and Germany

Our silver fibre products have been used for the past 5 years in chiropody, podiatry and dermatology as well as occupational and travel (DVT). Recommended by doctors, dermatologists, pharmacists and podiatrists.

EU Medical Product Law (EU-MPL) - Classification: - Medical Product Class 1.
CE marked, ESD safe, suitable for EPA environments.
All the products are manufactured according to OEKOTEX 100 standard and are fully machine washable and tumble dry without any loss of medical performance and benefits.