The new Solaris multigas detector is one of the smallest and lightest available today! With Solaris you get a reliable, compact, easy-to-use and affordable instrument.

Detecting the presence of O2, H2S, CO and combustible gas Solaris is the perfect choice for personal workplace safety and many different applications. With superior protection to liquid and dust ingress and a rubber armoured case it stands up to the roughest handling in even the toughest environments.

Despite its small size Solaris has one of the best displays in its class. All gas concentrations are displayed simultaneously and can easily be identified at a glance.

Solaris comes as standard with a vibrating alarm and probably the loudest audible alarm available (100+ dB) . The versatility of the Solaris allows for any configuration of 2, 3 or 4 gases. Optional data logging and a battery powered pump probe is also available. The user can modify most functions including alarm threshold and calibration values, industrial hygiene (STEL, TWA) function and many other operating and set-up parameters.